Panty girdle with lace - Ref 803

Did you know that you can shape your waist, flatten your abdomen and reduce your waist with our spectacular lace panty girdle? 

Our reduction girdle specially designed to shape the waist with firm control of the abdomen to highlight your natural curves, reduce the waist creating a slimmer female silhouette. It is designed to give you a smoother curve.

You’ll look amazing in a dress!

The straps of the sash are fully adjustable and non-slip. The torso design open allows you to wear your favorite bra and tighten your torso, firmly hold the loose grease around your armpits and back, open front zipper design to put it on and off easily.

Shape your waist, flatten the abdomen, reduce waist, hold back, speed up post-partum recovery, protects the spine, accelerates the burning of fat while you exercise, combined with a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water to lose weight.